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Fashion’s Favorite Duo Launches Fine Jewelry Line

Fashion icons Andrea Linett and Kim France are widely known as the founders of the women’s style bible (Lucky mag), hailed for their exquisite taste in all things design. Good friends to this day, Andrea and Kim have teamed up with Iconery to launch their very own fine jewelry lines, inspired by their years in the fashion industryworking with everyone from Michael Kors to Elle to Harpers Bazaar.

Here’s your chance to get to know these style icons and discover the inspiration behind their new collections!



specials (2)

Why we love her: Her sense of style is simply unstoppable; she makes fashion look easy, unintimidating, and fun. After she established a wildly successful style blog, I WANT TO BE HER!, she wrote two books (one of them we consult on a weekly basis for style tips).



My name is Andrea.

My self-described style is untucked glamour.

I find inspiration for jewelry design in my vintage charm collection—they look so great hanging from the hoop earrings a friend brought me back from India.



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Why we love her:  She pioneered one of the most popular and fun fashion magazines ever, and knows what we’re going to want before we do (see for yourself on Kim’s beautiful blog, Girls of a Certain Age).


My name is Kim.

My self-described style is classic with a twist.

I find inspiration for jewelry design in 70s pop artist Peter Max’s intergalactic fantasia.

peter_maxPeter Max



Click here to shop the full collection from Andrea and Kim!





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