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Designer Spotlight: Rashida Jones

Not only is the lovely Rashida Jones a tremendous actress, but as you may have suspected, she’s a woman with depth. With Rashida’s love for ancient motifs in mind, we’re exclusively launching Rashida’s first-ever jewelry collection. Featuring motifs rooted in ancient myth, there is a mystical element to this collection that’s as intriguing as it is irresistible.

This collection is beyond cool fine jewelry—these pieces serve as a daily reminder to live life with balance and intention. Rashida’s collection features motifs like the hamsa representing power, luck and protection in all faiths; and the ankh, symbolic of life, energy and balance. But don’t be fooledjust because these pieces could be found at an ancient archeological dig doesn’t mean they’re priced like it. The collection starts at just $95.

Talking everything from style to travel, this exclusive dossier gives us a rare glimpse into the mind of this creative force.




My self described style is school uniform/business casual menswear with a touch of French gamine.

My style icons are Diane Keaton, Bianca Jagger, my mom … people who know who they are and do their own thing.

I’m not afraid to spend a little extra on furniture and shoes.

I follow @beyonce, my family, and comedy accounts on Instagram. I also secretly follow @dailymini (I love miniatures).

The most surprising thing about me is I can’t ride a bike.

Favorite vacation destination: Italy—every part of it and always.

If I had $500 burning a hole in my pocket I would spend it on doughnuts and coffee for everyone.


“I like the idea that we wear jewelry to unite us and protect us in core beliefs. We need that right now.”


Rashida Jones Collection | Iconery

Depicting an open right hand, the Hamsa Necklace holds various meaning to different faiths, but in every faith the hamsa lends its wearer protection from the divine.

Rashida Jones Collection | Iconery

The Ankh Ring features the Egyptian Hieroglyph character meaning “life”. The ankh is found throughout the old world as far as Mesopotamia and Persia. 



 Ready to add meaningful pieces to your  jewelry collection? Explore the full collection here!




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