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Designer Spotlight: Ashley, Jenn, and Kristie of STRIIIKE

The Streicher sisters are a triple threat in the beauty world: Ashley is a killer hairstylist, Jenn is a multi-talented makeup artist, and Kristie is the brow queen of Los Angeles. Not only do they slay it at their salon, STRIIIKE, but they’re also jewelry designers.

Iconery partnered with the three sisters to bring their beauty-inspired collection to life. Inspired by their salon aesthetic, personal pieces and sisterhood, they’ve created a collection of pieces you’ve always wanted but could never find.

Striiike x Iconery


Our self described style is youthful, yet defined. Our style has elements of the classics but with a youthful, playful twist. Our look is comfortable but chic.

Our style icons are babes from the late 60’s including Jane Birkin, Jemma Wade, Jean Shrimpton.

We shop everywhere from Zara to Gucci.

We’re not afraid to spend a little more on shoes! Shoes, like jewelry, are something that you can wear daily and be seen in several times before getting bored with them. They’re a great thing to splurge on, after all we spend most of our time on our feet!

We follow @losthairdressers@thecartorialist and @intothegloss on Instagram.  We also secretly follow @kimkardashian.

Our design inspiration is our space, STRIIIKE and what that encompasses. It’s clean, classic beauty but with a modern, girly touch. It’s everything we’ve always wanted and could never find.

The most surprising this about us is we fight like regular sisters too! People are always surprised that we keep our friendship/relationship healthy by going to sister therapy on the regular.

Our favorite vacation destination is Hawaii. We were all just there together and talked about doing a big family trip next year to the Mediterranean on a sailboat. We did this trip once 10 years ago with our mom and have the best memories. But also California local spots like Big Sur, Healdsburg, and Lake Tahoe.

If we had $500 to burn we would spend it on having a great time with people we love, whether it be taking our STRIIIKE people out for dinner or taking the family out for dinner, or a weekend getaway.


“I love a pinkie ring, it’s like a cocktail ring but less expected. It’s also one of my mottos: ‘put a bow on it’.” – Ashley

Striiike x Iconery Bow Ring

Featuring two trillion-cut stones, the Bow Ring comes in White Topaz or Black Onyx and can be sized for the pinkie or any finger.

“These bangles are a riff on a vintage set that I cherish, they’re now in my forever collection.” – Jenn

Striiike x Iconery Thick BangleStriiike x Iconery Thin Bangle

The Thin Gold Bracelet and Thick Gold Bracelet are easy-to-wear and feature Victorian-style etchings and are adjustable for the perfect fit.

“One of our signatures in studio is this hand-held cat mirror and we are crazy in love with this mini wearable pendant version.” – Kristie


Striiike x Iconery Cat Mirror

Perfect for checking your lipstick on the sly, the Cat Mirror Pendant, a tiny version of the STRIIIKE custom-made mirrors, is the perfect function-meets-fashion object.

Click here to shop the full collection from STRIIIKE x Iconery!

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