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The Dossier: Brianna Lance

If you have yet to meet Brianna Lance, it’s time to get acquainted. Designer, creative director, DJ and musician, this progressive girl is a refreshing mix of rock-n-roll vibes with a grounded, hippy sensibility. To us, Brianna (better known as Breeze) is a new kind of cool girl who inspires creativity—and it’s why she’s our #iconerygirl of the month.

Brianna Lance

“She just gives me tons of style inspiration—and I can’t get enough of her Instagram!

– Andrea Linett, Iconery Creative Director


My self-described style is  a lot of boy items with a lot of over the top feminine things together. 

My style icons are Warren Ellis from Nick Cave’s band, Grace Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, and I also love all things Bowie (like everyone).

My favorite jewelry is normally ancient Roman or Egyptian.

Favorite movie moment: For just general stylishness it’s La Grande Bellezza, but for personal style ideas Don Juan ou Si Don Juan Etait une Femme with Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin.

The song that gets me moving is William Onyeabor’s “Atomic Bomb”.

The song that makes me cry (in a good way) is Nina Simone’s “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”.

I’m not afraid to spend a little more on jewelry, because you wear the same things every day. And also vintage coats.

I follow @carolinedemaigret (because she’s the most epic babe), @slaymie (because she’s the funniest), and @mistercoraggio (the most visually chic) on Instagram.  I also obsessively follow @socialteesnyc (because it’s the most heart warming animal rescue and they give you stories about each little guy they have).

Most surprising thing about me is what a health nut/spiritual hippy I am.  I see shaman, drink 4 different health tonics a day, don’t eat meat, don’t drink, don’t smoke (anymore), meditate everyday.  I think for some reason I come off as not so new age but it’s real, I’m basically a pan flute at this point. 

The piece of jewelry I never take off is my grandmother’s ring that I got when she passed away. It’s the most beautiful minimal onyx and gold ring.

If I had $500 burning a hole in my pocket I would spend it on probably clothes, or at the health food store, depending on the day.



We asked this it girl what her favorite Iconery pieces are. From raw cuff bracelets to monogram necklaces, Brianna shows us that mixing styles that are both edgy and sweet is how a cool girl does jewelry.

1. Wren Opal Ring

Wren Opal Ring

“Opals are my birthstone so this is just a personal love of mine.”


2. Andrea Linett Skull Charm Earrings
Andrea Linett Skull Charm Earrings

“I love that these are tough yet delicate, and the idea of changeable charms just ups the appeal.”


3. Mara Carizzo Scalise Raw Thin Cuff

Mara Carizzo Scalise Raw Cuff Bracelet

“The handmade/organic feel of this cuff is hard not to covet.”


4. Lena Wald Moon and Star Necklace

“Nothing beats a bit of celestial magic.”


5. Wren Signet Ring
Wren Signet Ring

“I am partial to signet rings, something about the idea of getting something to engrave is quite special.”


6. Iconery Diamond Stackable Ring


“I have an affinity for diamonds, but the color makes it a bit more modern than your normal ring.”


7. Mara Carrizo Scalise Link Chain Bracelet

Mara Carizzo Scalise Chain Bracelet

“I love this piece because it’s super simple yet still has a bit of weight to it.”


8. Iconery Monogram Necklace

Iconery Monogram Necklace

“This has all the appeal of a nameplate but is much more chic.”


Shop her full edit here!

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