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    Tips to Redefine Your Bridal Jewelry

    Oftentimes the dress is the bride’s focal point when bringing together her bridal look, but the accessories she chooses are too impactful to be overlooked. That’s why Iconery has teamed up with…

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    Modern Pearl Jewelry

    The pearl remains a jewelry box must-have, but no longer does a simple strand of pearls do the trick. While Peggy and Joan relied on simple pearl styles to tie together their…

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    Trending Now: Gold Jewelry

    Like red nail polish, a little black dress or a good Chanel cross-body, gold jewelry is eternally chic. But here’s what’s happening: It’s starting to feel very cool, and suddenly we…

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    The Valentine’s Day Edit

    The fine jewelry community tends to go a little nuts in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, when hearts tend to soar and sales tend to spike. The only problem is…buying jewelry…